NFT art collection revealing the realm of the Mandelbrot set.

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Solfinity represents a group of passionate artists that have been interested in digital art for many years and decided to create their unique NFT collection.

Images in the collection are computer-generated, yet took months of dedicated work of our team to create true masterpieces. All of our images are downloadable in 4K quality, and we offer a printing service for Solfinity holders who might obtain physical copies of NFT in extremely high resolution (12K+).

Solfinity introduces an extensive reward program for Solfinity holders whose features are described in this document.

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Website release

The Solfinity website with all important information is released at the beginning of September. SolFinity NFT collection will be for sale on this website.

NFT Sale

Solfinity NFT sale took place on 30th September 2021 and all 1,000 NFTs have been sold out with the price of 1.5 SOL.

Listing on secondary market

Right after the sale, SolFinity will be listed on Digital Eyes. Solanart and Solsea are also planned for listing SolFinity NFTs.

Beginning of 10/2021

Solfinity holders start voting about the next steps which Solfinity will take such as marketplace, physical printing service, utility functions for images.

10/2021 - 2025

SolFinity holders will be eligible for NFT Airdrops as a reward from partnered NFT projects


Solfinities come in a wide variety of shapes and colour palettes. Their pristine mathematical nature allows us to render images of infinite depths. Each NFT comes with a unique shape and colour. Some NFTs have their standard colour palette enhanced by two unique colours (yellow and gold). All Solfinity NFTs contain a stamp, out of which some are rarer than others.


What is SolFinity?

Solfinities are 10,000 computer-generated unique and collectible art masterpieces revealing the realm of the Mandelbrot set. They are stored on the Solana blockchain, and we refer you to our one-pager and rarity system for more information.

Where were Solfinities generated?

All contours of Solfinities originate from the Mandelbrot set. We've spent thousands of hours processing and exploring the Mandelbrot set to create masterpieces that were coloured with the most beatiful palettes. On top of it, we've added a custom rarity system to make Solfinities distinguishable in terms of their value and uniqueness.

How many fractals will be created?


How many NFTs will be created?

We've prepared 10,000 NFTs. 1,000 have been sold in presale, 500 have been reserved for partnerships with other NFT projects. The remaining 8,500 NFTs is left to our community to decide about their future. We put a strong emphasis on the will of the community and many ideas the community suggested were already taken into account.

How much does it cost to mint a Solfinity?

Each Solfinty will cost 1.5 SOL to mint.

Which wallet shall I use for minting and storing SolFinity NFT?

We recommend to use Phantom, Sollet or SolFlare.

Where will be Solfinities listed?

We've already been listed on DigitalEyes while listings on Solanart and Solsea are in process. Please, use only verified collections as there is a lot of scammers and fake collections.

Will there be royalties?

Yes, 5% royalties will be applied to all re-sales, yet 50% of collected royalties will be distributed to Solfinity holders in our special reward program.

Can i print the Solfinities?

We are preparing a printing service enabling holders to obtain physical copies of the very high-resolution (12K+) Solfinities worldwide. Nevertheless, each Solfinity can be downloaded in 4K quality in case you would like to set it as the wallpaper before our prinitng service is ready.

Where can I download Solfinities in 4K?

Minted Solfinities are accessible on{id} where you replace {id} with id of your Solfinity, for instance

Where can I contact you or get the latest news?

On our Discord and Twitter